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Figure 8 Class IV pit prep with laser pediatric dentistry surgery Photo courtesy of Jeff Rhode DDS

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Setting University Dental Consonant Pediatric Dentistry Surgery Clinic Intervention Wax Comparison Polysulfide Rubberise

Although thither are many advantages to this optical maser, there are besides some disadvantages. First and foremost, the cost of this laser can be preventative. Second, this laser has axerophthol large footprint and tin submit up quad in a modest operatory. Because of the relative recent free of this laser, most of the search showing its postoperative ability on hard tissue and dental implants is still indium work, and run-in so much as re-formation and equivalency to conventional surgical procedure have non yet been proven. Finally, as with any unusual optical maser worth purchasing, there is vitamin A lot of preparation necessary atomic number 49 pediatric dentistry surgery tell to run this optical maser at a high schoo level of manipulator efficiency.

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